– My last name is Sheikh (Officially) / Lightwala (Unofficially). My great great grandfather had a little business in India. So when India was “British-ized”, they wanted last names, a concept that was not commonplace in these parts. And since fellow townsfolk called him “lightwala” a.k.a. “guy with the lights” (literal translation), someone in an office decided that would do.

– Taufik is ancient Arabic for “prosperity” , “successful” and “fortunate”. Which means “the ability or opportunity to achieve success”. Someone also once told me that it comes from the word for “Chieftan of the success”… this is yet to be confirmed.

– I was born in some hospital in Surat, India. I don’t remember most of this incident.

– Then spent the first 8 years of my childhood in Dubai, UAE. It was hot and shiny. Case in point.

– In 1997 my folks brought me over to India. It’s colder here, but the trees are real.

– Once I got past the reconcile, I got into North-Eastern Hill University for Computer Science. I graduated in April 2011, with Honors in Bachelor in Computer Application and post-graduated in April 2014 with Master of Computer Application.

– I am great with computers. No, I cannot fix yours. For a nominal fee, I can fix almost anything, get in touch with me here.